Know your customer!

The Automotive industry has many segments, from car importers, dealers, universal garages, lease companies, part suppliers, damage experts to branch organizations. Within all segments, both BtoB and BtoC, there has been a change in customer behavior. The customer wants to be helped faster and does not want to be forgotten. Recent research has shown that the customer has less brand loyalty and is sensitive to reviews about your company. As a supplier, it is important that all customer communication and information is centrally available and that you can help the customer in a professional manner. This applies to both the sales and after-sales process.

With our SuperOffice CRM and Service solution we offer a platform with which you can secure all customer communication and information and automate processes. We also offer the tools to communicate efficiently via Chat or to share information via the Customer Center today. We also have the options to automate your Customer Contact Center and to effectively follow up all incoming requests. By linking SuperOffice to your Dealer Management System or Lease management software, you immediately have access to all your customer and vehicle / contract data.

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