SuperOffice Hosting

If you choose hosted SuperOffice solution, you will notice that a lot of time remains that you normally spend on managing and maintaining the servers. We implement SuperOffice and provide complete technical and functional management. 
Our servers are hosted in the ITB2 Datacenter in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. The ITB2 Datacenter in Apeldoorn is one of the most modern datacenters in the Netherlands and meets the highest standards and environmental requirements. The environmentally friendly cooling principle ensures that there is cooling against the outside air without the outside air entering the data center. In addition, Cold Corridors (closed corridors with which cold and warm air flows are separated) ensure energy efficiency.

About the ITB2 Datacenter 

Energy-efficient leader in Europe
With the very environmentally friendly data center in Apeldoorn, ITB2 Datacenters can compete with the leaders in the field of ultra-energy-efficient data centers in Europe. ITB2 Datacenters was the second datacenter in the Netherlands to be certified by SMK for the Milieukeur datacenters.

WaarborgWind WindEnergy
Electricity consumption certificate since 2013. The WaarborgWind Wind Energy certificate is proof that 100% of the electricity consumed comes from Dutch wind energy with Milieukeur from SMK.

Fire protection system
The fire protection system of the Apeldoorn Datacenter is periodically inspected in accordance with the CCV inspection schedule, both the Fire Alarm System and the Fire Extinguishing System.
Our Quality, Environmental and Information Security Management System meets the requirements set in the international standards ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This management system is audited by the Certification Bodies Digitrust and BSI and the following certificates have been issued:


ISO 27001

2013: The international standard for information security management aimed at the continuous management of information security risks.
This Statement of Applicability applies to our information security management system.

ISO 9001

2015: The international standard focused on quality management and the continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality aspects of the business processes. 

ISO 14001

2015: The international standard for Environmental Management that indicates the requirements for a good environmental management system.
The effect of our environmentally friendly measures with regard to the data center infrastructure and the technologies used have thus been officially confirmed.


2017: The standard for information security in healthcare. This Statement of Applicability applies to our information security management system for healthcare.

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