SuperOffice Software

SuperOffice Marketing

SuperOffice Marketing offers you the functionality to generate more high quality leads through targeted email marketing. Determine your specific target audience, get in touch with them and increase your conversion rate under the conditions of AVG.

SuperOffice Sales

SuperOffice Sales gives you a complete image of all customer contacts and supports you throughout the sales process. By registering sales, you always have an up-to-date view of the forecast.

SuperOffice Service

With SuperOffice Service you give your customers the attention they deserve. The powerful functionalities of SuperOffice Service help you track and answer requests. Because of the automatic central registration, you do not lose valuable information and requests do not remain unanswered.

SuperOffice Customer Engagement Center

With this module you can share and communicate information online with your customer. You can communicate efficiently via the Chat function, Contact Center and Web forms. All information is stored centrally in SuperOffice.

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