Outsmart for SuperOffice

To keep all your communication between customer, service engineers, planning and customer contact center central, we are offering a interface between SuperOffice Service and the OutSmart work order application. After you made a request in SuperOffice Service, you can easily plan a work order in the OutSmart app. The service engineer receives the work order on his app, fulfills the service and completes the work order. After checking the work order in OutSmart, you can automatically process the approverd work order to SuperOffice. Your customer contact center gets a notification from the approved work order and can send it to the customer. Working this way, you keep the communication central and transparent to everyone in the company.  

Short introduction


No double input

Customer and request data are automatically created with the work order in OutSmart.

Central registration

Incoming requests are centrally registered and can be converted into OutSmart work orders if necessary.

Time saving

Executed OutSmart work orders are immediately visible in SuperOffice Service.

Prices and conditions:
-The price is €0.50 per work order, with a minimum of €50 per month. (excl. VAT).
-The contract period is 12 months
-Maintenance and updates are included.
-For support regarding your SuperOffice configuration we offer consultancy services.
-Outsmart for SuperOffice is available for SuperOffice version 8.5 and higher (Expander Services required)
-Outsmart for SuperOffice is available for SuperOffice online, on-premise en private cloud.

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