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Know your customer!

The customer behavior is changing rapidly. Customers are online and are less quick to the showroom. On the internet you can easily compare prices and one makes appointments online. Recent research has shown that customers are less brand loyalty and is sensitive to reviews about your company. You can therefore distinguish not only in the sales process, but will also be assessed on your after-sales activities. High time to include your customer approach to this tune, focusing on the customer and following the customer. You can stand out by contacting the customer at the right time with a personal approach. This means that you must be everywhere and always well informed about your customer. We provide CRM solutions to effectively track your leads and all customer contacts to be stored centrally for your organization. Our Customer Service solution can act effectively to all requests within your Customer Contact Center off. By linking our solution to your Dealer Management System or Lease software, you instantly have all your basic customer and vehicle / contract data. SuperOffice is GDPR compliant.

Customer stories

Below you will find the experiences of some customers.

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