"In conversation with our SuperOffice CRM partner, All-CRM, we concluded that this should be changed"

Rick Knippers, Director

Flexitec enhances efficiency with the All-CRM digital job sheet
Flexitec from 's-Heerenberg, The Netherlands is specialized in passenger and goods lifts and provides tailor made solutions for every situation.

From low to high, from small to large and from light to heavy. Every detail is fine-tuned with the customer. Up to the control of gates, doors and shields, which are fully developed in-house. Flexitec is characterized by short communication lines, great specialist knowledge and personal approach.
For years, Flexitec has used SuperOffice CRM. 'In SuperOffice, all communication, correspondence and lift information is stored. In this way, SuperOffice supports us throughout the sale, order and after-sales trajectory' says an enthusiastic user Rick Knippers.
Until recently, we used the so-called "push-through" paper job sheets for installation and repair work. This job sheet was then manually entered into SuperOffice CRM to then be able to invoice. Due to the fact that mechanics are often on their way and rarely at the office, this meant that it took a while for job sheets to be processed and invoiced. There was also some miscommunication because the bill was badly readable. In addition, we did not have a current hourly registration. All in all, a time-consuming process and not very professional.

"A real efficiency improvement that has brought us a lot"

Rick Knippers, Director

The solution 
All-CRM is a Certified Partner of SuperOffice and has a time registration module TimeWriter. With this module you can easily register work hours and make cost calculation at the lift level. At our request, All-CRM has added a job sheet administration to TimeWriter.

The results

Rick Knippers, "In addition to having a hourly registration, the engineers can use their tablet immediately to create a job sheet and digitally sign it by the customer. Immediately after that, the job sheet is automatically emailed to the customer and processed in SuperOffice CRM. This way we lose no time and we can directly plan follow-up activities and invoice the customer. The customer also has one overview of the work performed, materials used and follow-up actions."

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