All-CRM has a partnership with InsingerGilissen

All-CRM and InsingerGilissen have signed an agreement to further support its affiliated asset managers in relationship management. The custom-made SuperOffice CRM solution provides the automatic archiving of quarterly reports offered by InsingerGilissen.

Customer Contact Center (CCC) in Automotive

Customer Service is a part of CRM ans is critical to every organization in the year 2016. Without a proper Customer Service solution has a KCC no right to exist. KCC is essential for centralizing all leads (internet leads, website, importer websites, third party websites, Care Mail) and incoming calls which can then be effectively follow up by staff and are transparent for the entire organization.

LinkedIn connector finished!

We proudly present our new module LinkedIn Connector. This module is available for all existing SuperOffice customers and also included in the SuperOffice online app-store. With LinkedIn Connector you can automatically import and update all your LinkedIn contacts in SuperOffice CRM.

Benefits SaaS solution

Customer Relation Management (CRM) in the cloud (online) as a SaaS solution offers customers a greater benefit than regular cloud solutions. All-CRM SaaS offers next to benefits beyond the standard (low investment, no own IT management and purchasing) also the possibility of customization and interfaces with back-office systems.

Strategic CRM

Customer Relation Management (CRM) has been a concept in the market for years. Most companies and organizations do have a CRM system now. Does your CRM system offer you strategic advantage? Maybe you will come to the conclusion that your CRM system is nothing else than a digital card catalog in which data and customer contacts are recorded properly. We implement our SuperOffice CRM solutions in a practical way and will translate your goals and needs into a specific configuration which will gain you a strategic advantage.

All-CRM is your SuperOffice specialist!

CRM Solutions

All-CRM delivers custom made SuperOffice CRM solutions tailored to our customer's needs. Our solutions are industry-specific and offer our customers a lot of advantage.


We work with the one-stop-shop principal and support our relations with preparing, installation, implementation, training and aftercare.

CRM Products

SuperOffice and All-CRM develop very intuitive software products. These products are hardware independent.

CRM SaaS Online

Do you want all your problems to be taken care off? Than our SaaS environment is a perfect solution. You can completely focus on your own business!