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"Personal attention is very important, SuperOffice helps us doing so"

Jan Baljeu, Director

The challenge

Friesland Lease is a leading and brand independent car rental company in the Netherlands.

In addition, Friesland Lease distinguishes itself through personal customer contact and years of experience with car leasing. "It may be sizzling just too bad." Action instead of talking is the motto of Friesland Lease, a fast-growing leasing company in The Netherlands. With about 5000 passenger cars and company cars under their control they certainly aren't a "little boy" anymore. What remains is close contact with customers. Whether they are nearby or not, personal attention is important to Friesland Lease. In spring 2008 we made the choice for SuperOffice. After we were not satisfied anymore about our self-developed package, we compared a number of existing packages. We determined our requirements and contacted a range of vendors. Initially, the difference between the packages seemed to be not so big. What gave us the breakthrough was that the partner of SuperOffice, All-CRM, had experience with the integration of our backoffice system, Flipse Automatisering, making the implementation of it not an issue and for less time and money.

"The agenda planning, the conversation reports, the emails, the overviews, everything is linked together and found in a simple way "

Jan Baljeu, Director

The solution

During the last four years the number of lease contracts has doubled and the end is not yet in sight.

A lot of information that was first in the minds of our employees is now accessible through SuperOffice, and because of that fast growth it is exactly what we needed. It makes it easy for our people to share information, making the important personal approach to our customers doable without any issue. By utilizing SuperOffice well, that has become a lot easier for us. In addition, the mutual relationships between customers and between different customers and suppliers are easy to grasp. That is also an important argument in the choice for SuperOffice. Now, with one press of the button, we all have the important information in a glance.

The Results

The whole process of implementation has been a success. The guidance of All-CRM through the whole process was well taken care of, points of attention where solved quickly and we were getting timely adequate answer to our questions.

The transition to SuperOffice was a no-brainer and after-in-house training of about 30 users, also cared for and supervised by All-CRM, proved that the ease of use was extremely high. Virtually all users could directly start with the software. Everyone is making full use of the link with the calendars and the various overviews. It's nice that all e-mails are stored directly under the customer's data and not in e-mail accounts of individual employees. This keeps it easily accessible and works a lot faster.

Friesland Lease wins!

All-CRM congratulates Friesland Lease with "Best Leasing Company Category Medium and Small Leasing Companies".

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